A Thank You Letter

A letter from a camper who received financial assistance through the Friends of Camp Celo Campership program.

“Dear Camp Celo Family,

Thank you for taking care of me and all the others inside of the beautiful location of the Black Mountains. At Camp Celo friends were easy to make. I was never bored with all the tetherball poles, the swing set, May pole and luscious green grass. The space in which we had our morning, midday and evening meetings was quite nice because it protected us from the rain and most of the wind.

The bread was delicious because homemade bread is always the best nutritionally and with the way it tastes. I wonder if the delicious salad dressing was made from the Camp Celo community gardens.

I enjoyed the amount of room there was in our tents, and at night I enjoyed the pitter patter of the rain falling on the ground and tent roof. It sounded nice and cozy on the cloth (I think) roof! The activities we did were creative and interesting and fun. My personal top three were candle making, tie dying, and skits. But Wildcard and the others were very entertaining.

3legraceThe grass was soft and always smelled fresh and healthy. When my feet were bare, I felt as I was completely free. I felt as if there was nothing under me but air.

It’s amazing how almost every junior camper contributed something to Leprechaun Village. Fairyland is also a very special place because of all the log benches, wooden seats and giant hemlock trees.

I think the idea of separating the boys’ and the girls’ tents and bathrooms is a great idea for it gives an ideal amount of privacy to both genders.

Another thing that makes Camp Celo special in many ways is the lodge. It gives kids a place to read and hangout and has a good selection of books and things to do outside and in. With the fireplace, a roof and walls with windows that can open and close, making it possible to keep warm air in on a cold or stormy night.

I think in all these ways including the kind and warm hearted staff makes Camp Celo unique and special in its own way. I will never forget what you have done for all of these children including me. It was an experience of a lifetime!

Gratefully, Your Camper K________”