December, 2023

Read our annual letter: A Long Tradition



Friends of Camp Celo, Inc. is a non-profit organized by Camp Celo alumni to raise scholarships for children attending Camp, and to preserve the history of this unique summer experience. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Our Mission:

  • To ensure the long-term preservation of Camp Celo as an educational and spiritual center where children can experience farming, hiking, arts and crafts, music, folk dance and fellowship in the natural environment;
  • To work in conjunction with the Celo Friends Meeting to promote the Religious Society of Friends’ values of nonviolence, simplicity, and environmental awareness within the farm/home camp experience;
  • To provide scholarships and other financial support to keep the Camp Celo experience affordable to families of all income levels and backgrounds;
  • To build a supportive organization of alumni, staff, friends, and families of those who have participated in the Camp Celo experience and to capture and record that history.